Editors Guidelines

Overview for Editorial Board

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences has a diversified editorial board consists of international experts in their fields occupying distinguished positions in universities and research institutions. The role of an editor on our editorial board has been well defined and described below:

  • He/she provides expertise in his/her respective field to identify manuscripts with decent science.
  • He/she looks into the submitted manuscripts to proceed for independent reviewers, however an editor handling a manuscript has authority to propose rejection before the start of review process if it is not up to mark of the journal standards.
  • Once the review process has started, editor should consider the reviewers comments on priority.
  • In the absence of any consensus of editor and reviewers for decision, editor should ask for third opinion.
  • An editor can advise to modify journal policy for further developments regarding efficiency and quality of reviewing process.
  • Invites well cited authors to write review article for the journal
  • He/she promotes the journal at relevant professional events
  • He/she attracts the potential authors with quality science to publish in the journal
  • An editor may suggest special issues on current scientific issues

In general, the editorial board is reviewed every year (start of calendar year) to replace busy (in other assignments) respected members of editorial board with energetic and active members.

Interested researchers may send application to managing editor to work as editor in the journal, however the application will be discussed in the meeting of managing board to come up with any decision.

What we expect from the editor of PAKJAS?

The editor of the journal has authority to suggest acceptance, revision or rejection of the articles submitted to the journal for publication. The editor may discuss with the members of the Editorial Board in making his/her decision.

  • The editors assess the manuscripts without considering the nature of the authors, race, ethnic origin, religion, and in institution he/she works.
  • The editors should/must not disclose the manuscript to anyone except the authors or the potential reviewers or the member of editorial board, if needed
  • The manuscript material which is not published yet must not be used by the editors and editors will also try their best to protect it from potential reviewers. However, with the written permission of author, editor can use the said information.
  • As per editorial policy of the journal, an editor cannot publish more than one article in this journal in a calendar year.

Selection of a reviewer of a manuscript:

An editor should take care of following instructions while selecting a reviewer for the manuscript

  • Reviewer should not from the institutions of the authors
  • Reviewer should not be very close friend of the authors as per editor’s information
  • If author has mentioned any conflict of interest that must be considered
  • At least one reviewer should not be from Pakistan as per reviewing policy of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.